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Ethical Requirements

Recruitment involves migrant employees from their departure in their country of origin to their arrival and employment in the country of goal and where suitable even includes their possible return. Despite a growing multinational commitment to proper recruitment and career practices numerous challenges stay. In this context, the primary purposes of the suggested action of the YK Manpower are to sustain partner countries to coordinate rules governing recruitment agents at source and goal and improve the capabilities of employers, business associations, civil community associations, and the media to deliver a more trustworthy statement and assistance to migrant employees going via the recruitment procedure. Mostly emphasized Malaysia, Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia other gulf countries, and European countries. The remote sector’s responsibility via partnerships such as The Leadership Group for Reliable Recruitment and the YK Manpower has done a massive part of the job in this consideration.

The Government of Nepal’s perspective on ethical recruitment. The Government of Nepal makes it compulsory for all recruiting agents to be impaneled and recorded with the Government of Nepal, pay taxes and complete all legal responsibilities. The ministry completes a benefit payment required for all recruitment agents. YK Manpower is following zero cost policy from future emigrants in the recruitment method. The ethical value method should be embedded in the recruitment agencies to avoid spoiling their appearance or withdrawing their permissions. YK is an ETHICAL MANPOWER RECRUITMENT COMPANY. We are a 100% non-fee accusing the group of the employees earning compelled for jobs abroad. We are in the company process over the past 15 years standing as the most suitable resolve and settlement between recruitment cost, convenient assistance, and employees’ trustworthiness.

The following are the practices by YK Manpower:
1. All dealings connected to recruitment (inside and outdoors) are automated.
2. Implements and applications are existing developed via Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to indicate the victory of the candidate. This contains the stack order of the hopeful against the assignment definition and engaging practice which then presents the top 10 candidates for the listed requirements. Claims of the nominees are then inquired about. 3. Recruiters want to hire, more valuable and quick. To this end, YK Manpower has embraced the following methods:

a. Brilliance screening
b. Candidate chat-bot
c. Digitized consultations

The conference will also concentrate on the commitments shared between the employers and recruitment agencies. At what point of the recruitment process do the obligations of recruitment agencies finish? For this conference, this session will concentrate on recruitment fees/costs specifically examining at integration as an ingredient (matching skill gaps in goal nations through speech training/cultural acclimatization, etc.) and how this can be worked out between employers and recruitment mechanisms. Technology has even qualified for invention and the conference will also open up conversations on how recruitment may be completed more ethically with creative standards. Ultimately, this will function as a starting topic to enhance migration management and promote ethical recruitment to European labor markets. These contain policy limitations, regulatory circumstances, knowledge sharing, organizational roadblocks, skills honor, etc.

In case of Grievance

If you have any grievance or feedback from the recruitment process to the employment period, please contact us through the phone number or email mentioned below. You can also send us a message on our official Facebook page. The information you provide will be kept confidential.


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