Hiring Process

Hiring Process
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1. Call from the employer

The employer contacts our team in the initial phase of the hiring process. The employer sends an email including the job description. The number of workers reded. the salary package, food, accommodation, and other allowances are also listed. They also mention documents of terms and conditions in the mail. The employer also notes the details regarding the air ticket and estimated job starting date.

2. Interview

The shortlisted candidates will go through an interview process with the employer or recruitment officer. The candidates shortlisted after the interview will sign up for the job Interview in cases where a trade test is required, we shall arrange Trade Tests per the Employers Instructions.

3. Vacancy announcement

We will then publish advertisements for the required jobs as designated by the employer. DOFE'S pre-approval will allow this step to come into action. Vacancy announcements of the job get published through newspaper, radio, TV, SMS and social media. Interested candidates will apply for the job.

4. Medical

The selected candidates will then have to undergo a medical test. We carry out strict medical checkups for the selected candidates from medical clinics authorised by Nepal Government.
After the tests,the candidates go through a process of vaccination. These preventive measures ensure safety for both recruited employees and the employer.

5. Employer's Review

After getting applications from interested candidates,we will collect their CVs and other relevant documents to the employer for evaluation. The employer will shortlist the candidates based on their CVs for an interview.

6. Visa Processing

The employees must obtain visas to migrate to the working country.Upon getting the visa from the Embassy,candidates must take orientation classes.
The classes will teach candidates about job responsibilities,the working environment,etc.
They also get insights into the language,culture,and labor laws of the country of employment.
After the orientation,the final approval process at DoFE is started.

7. Travel Arrangement of Candidate

With the final approval from DoFE,travel arrangements are made for the candidates by the employer. For conveninence,we have trusted travel agencies who have been working primarily with Manpower agencies to fly the selected candidates abroad.

8. Departure of Candidate

Our Candidates will finally depart from Nepal to the working country.

In case of Grievance

If you have any grievance or feedback from the recruitment process to the employment period, please contact us through the phone number or email mentioned below. You can also send us a message on our official Facebook page. The information you provide will be kept confidential.


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